Benefit for Special Need Orphans

We are hosting a Beautiful Baby Contest to help raise money for three families adopting children with Special Needs in Eastern Europe. These children are currently in orphanages. Between the age of 4-5 these children are transferred to adopt mental institutions. These beautiful children need a chance to just be kids, to know the love of a family.Lucien is a BOY, but he is dressed in Pink! Orphans do not own anything. They do not even have their own clothes, they are put in whatever is available. They do not celebrate birthdays and have no personal items. By entering to win, you will be helping give these beautiful orphans a chance to be part of a family!
You can help these families by entering to win OR by making a donation to help them get home! We want to create a ripple effect. We believe that by helping each other, we can create a better world. Won't you become part of the ripple effect?

Your entry will go towards helping THESE children get home...

NELLIE for Dan and Beth — Kearney, NE

Dan and Beth have been married for 13 years and have four boys, Zachary 13, Caleb 11, Nathan 7, and Noah 5.  Beth has always had a passion for people with special needs. She went to college to be a Special Education teacher.  This is where she met Dan.  Dan fell in love with Beth in part because of her passion for people with special needs.  Beth worked as a Special Education teacher for several years and continued to be an advocate for people with special needs. 

After the birth of their fourth boy, they decided that it was not in God’s plan to have a naturally born daughter.  They agreed that they would adopt “someday” but that was not a very serious commitment.  About two years ago Beth found the website for Reece’s Rainbow and became convinced that God was leading her to adopt a child with special needs from another country.  It did not become quite as clear to Dan at that time.  Beth just prayed and waited on God to move knowing that if it was His will, it would become clear to Dan as well. 

Dan and Beth went to a Christian concert by Matthew West and Matthew was advocating overseas adoption as part of his tour.  God used this concert of worship to break Dan’s heart for adoption and he surrendered that night.  They are trusting God to open the doors and make this adoption happen according to His will. You can View Nellie's Blog at

LUCIEN & SYDNEY for the Jenks family — Vancouver, WA

Rebecca and Mark have four wonderful children between the ages of 13-21. They knew they wanted more children and that adoption would be the way they would find their baby. It wasn’t until they stumbled onto Reece’s Rainbow that they considered a little one with Down Syndrome. After a year of reading books and following blogs of families going through the process, they prayed about moving forward. The very next weekend at church a group of teens and adults with Down Syndrome came and sat down in front of them. God just doesn’t get much louder than that.

When they brought up the subject of adopting with their other children, the vote was unanimous. Mark and Rebecca were surprised when the kids ran around the house finding any loose change, even their own change, to start saving to bring home their little sister and brother. 

The feeling Rebecca and Mark felt when they first saw Sydney and Lucien was just like when your child just born and they place them in your arms for the first time. They just knew these two beautiful little ones were meant to be part of their family.

They can hardly wait to bring their little blessings home and would appreciate your prayers and donations as they work towards bringing their little one home “Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.” Mother Teresa

You can View Sydney and Lucien's Blog at

GRACIE for the West family — Hendersonville, TN

Amber decided she was going to adopt at the age of four years old. When she and Nathan began dating as teenagers, she told him her plan and said he was either in or out… he was in! They were married eight years ago and blessed less than a year later with a biological daughter, Layla, who is now seven. A couple of years later, they started the adoption process, ready to grow their family. About halfway through the process, they were told it was impossible for them to conceive- even though they had a healthy 2-year-old at home! This news just confirmed that they were already doing what God has always planned for them to do. Before they could even complete their homestudy, Nathan and Amber were asked to parent girl/boy twins! The babies had already had four homes and three sets of names in their short six weeks of life. Brynn and Cale are now four years old and almost as tall as their favorite person (big sister, Layla)!

Just recently, Nathan and Amber began updating their domestic homestudy. They planned on another domestic infant adoption, but God had better plans! Amber was introduced to Reese’s Rainbow by another adoptive mother, slightly by accident. After combing through the website once or twice, praying for the precious waiting souls, she saw Gracie. Little Cale had been praying for God to bring him “a baby with a mohawk” and he found one! All three of the children started asking, “When can she come home?” before Nathan or Amber ever mentioned doing just that! They took some time to pray about her, seeking God’s will for their family and felt very clearly that this was His plan for them. They are all so excited to hold this little squishy and bring her home. She, and her “mohawk” , will fit right in! You can View Gracie's Blog at